The secret behind my flawless foundation routine.

Over the years, I’ve been working on perfecting my flawless foundation routine. I’m a total creature of habit, and when I find products I absolutely adore, it’s hard for me to stray away.

Recently, I’ve been able to test out a handful of viral products. (Spoiler alert: they are mostly high-end.) But before you scroll, I will also be including drugstore alternatives where available. If you don’t follow me on TikTok, I posted my everyday full face routine and you can view it here.

Keep reading to see how I achieve my natural and effortless everyday look.

Step 1: Prime & Refine

Every great base starts with a proper primer and skincare routine. My skin has always been far from perfect until recently, but with that I’ve learned what primers really work for my sensitive skin and texture. I like to use both the ELF Poreless Putty and Primer and the ELF Mint Melt Cooling Face Primer.

I’ll first go in with the powerless putty primer and focus it around the center of my face, (T-zone) and anywhere I have larger pores. Once that settles in, I’ll go in with the cooling face primer on my cheeks, chin, nose, and anywhere my foundation wears off quickly. This combo is THE BEST if you want your makeup to last all day long.

Step 2: Flawless Foundation

The secret to my flawless foundation starts with the Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter. Words can’t even describe how perfectly this will smooth your skin out. I borderline didn’t want to mention this product because I’ll be devastated if it ever does sell out. I always just apply one dip of the wand all over my face wherever I need an extra glow, and blend with a sponge. You can wear this alone or underneath makeup – it’s truly so versatile.

(If you want a similar look but don’t want to splurge, opt for the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Perfector.)

My current favorite foundation to use over top is the Rare Beauty Liquid Touch. I will use the tiniest amount of this and put 5-7 dots all over my face, and blend with the same sponge. The key is to start out with super light coverage, and build and add more as needed. This will allow your base to look as skin-like as possible, without being too cakey.

To conceal and perfect, I will lastly go in with my tried and true Tarte Shape Tape. I will use this right underneath my eyes, slightly in the inner corners and draw a line extending from my bottom lash line upward. This gives me that perfect lifted and awake appearance. (I also really love the ELF Hydrating Camo Concealer.)

Step 3: Blush and Bronze

Before I set my face, I make sure that I apply all my cream products first.

I recently discovered the ABH Cream Bronzer, and it is truly a dream. I use this with my Fenty Beauty 125 brush to bronze up my cheek bones (always going slightly above the hollows), my forehead, and a little across my nose. The bronzer is super beginner friendly, and it blends out so easily that it’s difficult to go overboard. (If you’re looking for it’s drugstore dupe, I highly recommend the ELF Putty Bronzer. ) They both have an amazing formula, the ABH one is just slightly more pigmented off the bat.

My favorite cream blush is still the Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Liquid Blush. I’m obsessed with the shade “Happy”, which is a dewy and glowy cool pink. I’ll focus this on the very tops my cheeks going backward towards my temples. I always avoid the apples of my cheeks since my face is already pretty round, and I like to make it look a little slimmer. The formula is so natural and beautiful that you won’t need to add any highlight.

Step 4: Reinforce with Powder Products

At this point in the routine, most of the work is done. Making sure your cream products are blended and look natural is the most crucial part.

Under my eyes, I’ll always use my Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder. I’ll also add a little on my T-zone to keep my oils at bay.

To make sure my bronzer and blush don’t budge, I’ll go over with my Juvia’s Place Bronzed Duo in shade “Medium”, along with my Dior Backstage Rosy Glow Blush in 001 Pink. I always recommend going over any creams with a light dusting of powder to make sure your face won’t slip and slide, and so your makeup lasts all day long.

Step 5: Complete with favorite lip combo!

This part of my routine changes quite often, but two of my favorite combos are below.

  1. NYX lip liner in “Truffle” + NYX This Is Milky Gloss in “Cookies & Milk”
  2. NYX lip liner in “Peekaboo Neutral” + L’Oreal Colour Riche Les Nus Intense Lipstick in “Nu Impertinent” (this is almost an exact dupe for the Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Combo!)

And that’s how I achieve my flawless foundation and base! What are some of your favorite beauty products? Leave them in the comments below!

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  1. 10.25.21
    Christa said:

    I’m still a makeup novice, so these tips are very helpful!

  2. 10.25.21
    Nadia said:

    I’ve been doing it all wrong LOL! I going to mimic your routine to see if it works for me. Thanks so much for disclosing your secret🥰