Five new beauty products I tried this week.

If you know me, you know I never stray from my tried and true beauty products. I rarely ever change up my routine, but this week I decided to branch out and try some highly raved about products to see if they’re truly worth the hype. I figured I’d share my findings with you all and will include shoppable links below so you can snag some of these items for yourself if you’re curious to try. 🙂

  1. BH Cosmetics Chocolate Cherry Truffle – Four Color Blush PaletteI’m no stranger to BH Cosmetics blushes, and this palette definitely did not disappoint. It comes with 4 beautiful shades, (one of which seems to be a shimmer/blush topper) that are all super flattering. I also found that these are super pigmented so you should definitely use a light hand, however, they blend out like a dream. (Bonus points because it also lasted all day long without fading!) This particular collection came with several different color ways, so if this one doesn’t speak to you, there are more to browse below. Overall = 12/10.
  2. Maybelline City Bronzer – 200Not going to lie, after I saw Gigi Hadid use this bronzer I kinda had to get it for myself. This particular shade is super pigmented and I definitely recommend using a light hand, but I loved that it wore throughout the entire day without disappearing or fading. I felt like it looked better and better with wear and truly gives you that perfect sunkissed look. Overall = 10/10
  3. NYX The Brow Glue I literally searched high and low to get my hands on the Anastasia Beverly Hills brow freeze, but because it’s entirely sold out (thanks a lot tiktok), I figured I would give the next best thing I try. I saw a lot of people talking about this product so I tested it out and it wasn’t bad! I wouldn’t say this is revolutionary, (my ABH brow gel works about the same), but what I can say is this is pretty affordable. It’s $8, and although you don’t get a ton of product you definitely don’t need that much to achieve the “laminated” look. It takes a second to dry down so I recommend doing it as one of the last steps in your beauty routine. Overall 7/10.
  4. I am not mad at this eyebrow pencil at all! The shape is a little awkward -it’s like a blunt rectangle- but I have pretty full brows anyway so this was enough to get them filled in. I wouldn’t recommend this if you need to do a lot of filling in and shaping because I think the pencil itself doesn’t come to a fine enough point if you want super hair-like strokes. I don’t care for having super crisp eyebrows so this was perfect for a natural + quick look. Overall = 8/10.
  5. Ulta Plumped Up Pout Lip Gloss This was definitely a “tiktok made-me-buy-it” purchase. I have lip filler so I have a fuller pout already, but this is great if you want to keep them looking juicy between touch ups. I noticed that it started tingling almost instantly and could see the effects nearly immediately. I will say that this is not similar to any others I’ve tried (buxom, too faced, etc). This BURNS. If you can’t handle being slightly uncomfortable I would stay away. It is one of the most intense burning glosses so I won’t use it everyday, but I can look past the discomfort to have a perfect pout. Overall = 6/10.

And that’s it! Those are the five new products I tried this week. I felt like overall, I did pretty good with this mini-haul and I will be using most of these products on a daily basis. Don’t forget that you can always shop products I’m mentioning/using by downloading the app, here.

Have you tried any of these products? What are your thoughts? What should I try out next?



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