Five affordable sunglasses for your wardrobe.

It is no secret that I love splurging on some high ticket items. However, when it comes to designer sunglasses, I feel like I can’t justify spending hundreds of dollars. If you’re like me and usually break every pair you own in the bottom of your handbag, this guide of affordable sunglasses is for you.

  1. Chunky Frames

The huge chunky frame trend has been popular for many seasons now. I have personally noticed that Gucci continues to carry this style year after year. If you’re looking for something similar, I definitely recommend checking out this pair from Quay. The price point is super fair and the glasses are such a great quality.

Quay Sunglasses

2. Classic Aviators

Aviators are such a staple year after year. You can typically find this style across all brands which is great because there are so many designer inspired sunnies out there. These from Amazon are some of the best affordable sunglasses and come in a bunch of different colors.

Amazon sunglasses, aviators

3. Inspired by Ray Bans

You can never go wrong with a classic pair of ray bans. As popular as this style is, it’s also a little pricey. If you love the rounder shape but don’t want to splurge, try these from Amazon out. The frame is super similar to one of their newest styles and looks just as trendy.

Amazon sunglasses, ray ban inspired glasses

4. Simple Style

These small frames are perfect for anyone who’s looking to save some dollars. This style comes in different colors and is under five bucks. Check these affordable sunglasses out from Shein.

Shein sunglasses

5. Effortlessly Unique

I highly recommend any of the sunnies from the Dezi line because all of the styles are one-of-a-kind. One of my favorite pairs is in the style “Backtrack.”

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