I tried the Charlotte Tilbury Beautiful Skin foundation.

I’m not one to typically splurge on expensive makeup. Every once in awhile though, there’s a product that catches my eye. When I saw the Charlotte Tilbury Beautiful Skin foundation going viral, I ran to purchase it. Here are my thoughts on this new foundation!


To give this product a fair chance, I applied it with the same base that I use for every foundation. I started off by moisturizing with my Elf Holy Hydration Cream, followed by the Elf Poreless Putty Primer. For the last prep step, I applied my Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter and blended it out with a beauty blender.


I decided to try this product two ways. I started off with one pump on the back of my hand and dotted the foundation all over my face, blending out one side with a brush and the other with a sponge.

On the sponge side, the application was much more sheer. It was definitely glowy and luminous, and it flawlessly evened out my skin tone. It was just enough to lightly cover any discoloration but was more on the light coverage side. However, you can definitely build it up to cover any imperfections and add more coverage if you don’t mind the sponge soaking up some product.

With the brush, the foundation also looked flawless but it definitely had more coverage off the bat. When applied this way, it’s more of a medium coverage. Personally, even though I went in with the brush I did find myself still going over everything with a sponge so it melted into the skin and didn’t leave any streaks. Overall, I’d say my preferred method of application was with the sponge. If you struggle with skin imperfections, I would recommend using the brush first and then going in with a sponge to make everything look even.

My thoughts…

After wearing this for a week, I can confidently say this is one of my favorite foundations that I’ve ever used. I will say that I prefer lighter coverage, so if you like full glam this may not be for you. Even though you can definitely build it up, this foundation is meant to look skin like and natural so I think it performs best when applied sparingly. What I love about this product is that it doesn’t look cakey and just makes you feel radiant and beautiful. I do think that this product looks stunning with the Flawless Filter, and works best in combination with other Charlotte Tilbury products. The longer I also wore this foundation, the more beautiful and seamless it looked on my skin as well.

Lastly, although this product is marketed as skin-like and glowy, I would recommend making sure your skin is hydrated and moisturized before applying. I did have an off day where my skin was really dry and when I applied this it clung to texture and patches.

If you try the Charlotte Tilbury Beautiful Skin foundation out, let me know! I’d love to hear your thoughts and if it worked for you.

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  1. 2.2.22
    Jess G said:

    Great information! I’d been wondering if this foundation was as good as it looked – I’ll have to try it out! 😃

  2. 2.2.22

    If you love the foundation, which like you I really enjoy, you will love the lipsticks, the glosses, the only one on the market that do not run off on the fine lines. The eye shadows are fantastic as well.

    • 2.14.22

      I’ll definitely have to try some of their lip products and eyeshadows out! 😊 Thank you for the recommendation!