Apps I can’t live without!

If anyone is glued to their phone 24-7, it’s me. From constantly posting on socials for clients to editing my own content, I need apps that can simplify my life. I figured I’d share this super simple post about the things I absolutely can’t live without so that you can try them out too! – Nothing satisfies my shopping addiction like this app. I love supporting new influencers and seeing what items they’re obsessed with, too! If you’re just now starting to follow along on my blog, I’ve been on the app myself for over a year, and it’s the place I share all my favorite finds so that you can shop them! Make sure to follow along if you haven’t already. 🙂

Tezza – I used to be a hardcore VSCO girl until I realized it was seriously messing up the quality of my images when I exported. I love the Tezza app because the presets are just as beautiful and although there’s a little less variety, I feel like I can get the same effect without ruining the picture.

Instagram – This one is obvious lol.

Remini – This clears up the quality of any old/blurry photo so well! It literally gives it life. It’s free but if you want to edit longer videos there is a charge.

Planoly – This app helps you plan out your insta feed before you post and it’s super helpful to see how your grid is going to look without having the publish an image.

Splice – Love this for editing videos, especially if you’re a big fan of Tiktok!

Pinterest – AKA the best place to find inspiration for anything, ever.

Poshmark – This app is an absolute must for anyone who frequently goes through their closet. It makes it so easy to upload images and list your items from your phone.

Unfold – Helps me create the most beautiful photo/ instagram story layouts. If you work in social media, you need this!!

Lightroom – My go-to for editing photos. If you love presets and want to streamline your insta grid, you can literally do it in one click.

Spotify – There is no debate on whether or not this is better than apple music because it’s obvious.

Canva – The best for creating graphics, pinterest pins, and everything in between. Super straightforward and no photoshop experience needed.

Notes – The most important app. Because I forget everything all the time. I have everything sorted out by categories like work, reminders, life, etc. If you have organization issues this will save your life.

Widgetsmith – This can literally help you create the most beautiful and aesthetically pleasing home screen ever. I created my perfect layout and I just go in and swap photos occassionally!

Clubhouse – This new app is so fun! It’s almost like a live podcast app where you can join rooms and talk about so many topics it’s unbelievable. I especially love this for content creators or anyone working in digital media.

And that’s everything I have to have for my day-to-day! I’m a huge fan of all the apps here and can’t wait to discover more!

What are some of your favorites? Share them below!

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